Crafting Musical Artistry Since 1995

We’ve been laying down tracks for major labels, indie gems, spoken word magic, and live broadcasts that ignite the airwaves. Let’s dive in and make your next project a hit!

What We Offer

State-of-the-art 6000 sq. ft. recording studio with Rupert Neve 5088, 32-channel Console.

Our expert engineers bring their 25 years of technical mastery and collaborative spirit to your project.


Deep selection of vintage and modern mics, curated instruments, and cutting edge recording technology.

From rehearsals to dynamic live audio and video recording, we tailor our space to your creative needs


The Southview Arts Team with Moors & McCumber

Southview Arts Studios Team

Welcome to Southview Arts, where retro vibes meet cutting-edge creativity! Since 1995, we’ve been laying down tracks for major labels, indie gems, spoken word magic, and live broadcasts that ignite the airwaves. Ready to elevate your sound? Let’s dive in and make your next project a hit!

Step into our cozy recording spaces equipped with state-of-the-art mobile recording gear and classic interfaces that evoke nostalgic vibes. Our live rooms are dialed in for killer tracking sessions, epic overdubs, and seamless mixing and editing. Simply put, it’s where the magic happens. Need a space to rehearse or crash? We’ve got you covered. Let’s turn up the creativity and bring your musical vision to life!

Studio Equipment

Discover limitless creativity with our unparalleled array of top-tier recording gear, cutting-edge technology, and instruments curated for the ultimate musical experience.

  • Rupert Neve 5088 Console fully loaded with 32 channels
  • Pro Tools HDX with 32 channels of  I/O, Burl B80 Mothership
  • Mac Studio, Logic Pro
  • Dual monitor display HD 42” LCD Video display
  • Genelec SAM nearfield
  • Quested 210 with Bryston Amplification mains
  • Yamaha NS 10M nearfield
  • Auratones
  • Genelec Subwoofer
  • All controlled with a Dangerous MONITOR ST hi definition monitor controller and powered by Bryston 3B and 4B amplifiers
  • 10 Channel Neve Kelso Recording Console
  • 3 Telefunkin V76m Tube Mic Pres
  • 2 API 512c Mic Pre
  • 1 Great River ME-1NV
  • 2 Rupert Neve Design Shelford Channels
  • 4 API 3124
  • 2 Neve 1084 vintage Preamp/EQ
  • Manley Massive Passive
  • Great River EQ-1NV Vintage 4-band EQ 2 API 550b
  • 2 RND Shelford Channel
  • 1 Pultec EQ1a
  • UTA Unfairchild 670 MII
  • ADL C/L 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor
  • 2 DBX 160X
  • Urei LA-4 Compressor
  • 2 UA 1176 Compressor
  • 2 UA LA-2A Compressor
  • 2 API 527 2 Tube Tech CL 1B
  • 2 Distressors with British Mod
  • Nueman u87 (Bill Bradley modified)
  • Nueman u87 stock
  • RND/SE RNT tube mics
  • Royer 121 stereo ribbon
  • Royer SF 12
  • Coles Ribbon
  • Neuman 184 (stereo pair)
  • AKG 414
  • AKG 535
  • Shure KSM44
  • Shure KSM32
  • Shure 57/58’s
  • Shure Beta 52
  • Senhieser 421
  • Senhisser bass
  • Radial
  • Whirlwind
  • Samson
  • Yamaha 5’3″ G1 Grand Piano
  • Hammond B2 wired with 22H
  • Leslie Wurlitzer 200A (Speakeasy rebuild!)
  • Kurtzweil 88 weighted key controller
  • Fender Rhodes 73
  • Scores of older digital keyboards like Korg Poly 800, Yamaha dx21, Peavey, TR 707
  • Vintage 1964 Ludwig sparkle 4 piece drum kit with many snare drums to choose from…
  • Aguilar Tone Hammer Bass amplification
  • Marshal/Fender/Vox/Supro/Ampeg guitar amps
  • Guitars by: Gibson/Gretch/Martin/Fender
  • Michael Kelly Mandolin
  • Bunches of odds and ends… Accordion, Vibrotone, percussion instruments, toys…
  • Scores of original and modded and modeled pedal effects by DOD, Line Six, Alesis, Boss, Electro Harmonics and more…
  • Outboard Rack-mount effects by Lexicon, Roland, DBX, TC Electronics . . .


Nellie McKay
Alex Harris
Kort McCumber
Daniela Soledade
The Steroefidelics
Tom Peters
St Pete Mountain Boys
Gale Trippsmith
James Moors
Gold Town
Fox Trot Zulu
James Mee

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